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Welcome to International Housing!

I-housing is an online real estate broker specialized in mediation between tenants and landlords.
All landlords have different demands and wishes. I-housing makes good use of these demands by offering a unique set of services to these homeowners. This enables us to offer distinctive and specialized services to aid the homeowner in helping them find the right tenant.
Our focus lies in helping expats and international students find apartments with their specific criteria such as the location. Online reliability is our priority.

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Expats & students

At I-housing, tenants that are looking for an apartment can easily sign up and contact us with questions they have about a specific property. They can also directly plan a viewing for the property they are interested in.

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Landlords can efficiently manage and monitor their properties on their personal dashboard. This tool generates a lot of control over their portfolios, providing them instant insights and data on their investments.

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I-housing has a special company portal allowing corporations to help their international employees. The portal provides a tool for companies to collaborate with I-housing for the benefit of employees that need help finding the right apartment in a new city.

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