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Welcome to International Housing!

I-housing is an online platform enabling landlords and tenants to interact and transact. The platform is easy to use and allows tenants to find and rent the best properties in a growing number of cities worldwide. The platform allows homeowners to efficiently rent, manage and monitor their properties.  Our focus lies in helping expats and international students on finding entire apartments with a specific location.

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Expats & students

The I-housing platforms allows tenants that are looking for an apartment a safe online environment to interact and transact directly with landlords and home owners in order to efficiently rent apartments in different cities around the world.

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The I-housing platforms enables landlords to efficiently manage, monitor and rent their properties to verified and secure tenants. Prices, including or excluding utilities, deposits, lengths of tenancies and more are all self managed by the landlord.

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I-housing has a special company portal allowing corporations to help their international employees. The portal provides a tool for companies to collaborate with I-housing for the benefit of employees that need help finding the right apartment.

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Watch these videos for a brief explanation on how International Housing works.

I-Housing for tenants

I-Housing for landlords